New Age Rapture

Back in the spring of 2014, I attended my first and only UFO Conference.  A friend bought me the ticket as a treat, and we headed off to a neighboring state to attend a two day weekend event of lectures.  I was excited at the time, even though I wasn’t a big alien believer per se.  My friend wasn’t either, but he had always wanted to go to an UFO convention.  He was very excited about seeing one speaker in particular, a woman named Dolores Cannon.  Dolores Cannon is deceased, but at the time she was considered the ‘pioneering grandmother of hypnotherapy,’ and not just any hypnotherapy.  Dolores practiced a type of past life regression that involved connecting to what she called The Source–ascended beings, otherwise known as aliens or higher life forms.  This was a big ‘get’, having Dolores Cannon on the speaker list.  I had heard of this woman before through my chiropractor, who ardently admired Dolores’s work.

At the time, I had no idea what God had planned for that weekend, and that this conference would be the beginning of my coming back to Jesus.  The first day of lectures was on Saturday, and it was what any novice would expect, a toe dipping introduction into extra terrestrial theories and accounts.  It was fun, a bit like an episode of The X-Files. The final day of the conference was Sunday, but after another full morning of lectures I pretty much had my fill after the lunch break.  It had been an interesting weekend, and I bought a pretty ring from one of the vendors who sold various metaphysical and ET (extraterrestrial) paraphernalia…but I was ready to head home.  Dolores Cannon still hadn’t presented, so my friend wanted to stay and hear her.  I didn’t really know much about her at the time, just that she was a big deal and very respected.  I still didn’t really care one way or the other if I heard her present, and I had firmly decided that I wanted to head home.  I was on my way to tell my friend I was leaving, when a particular sign caught my eye.  The sign said ‘New Earth’, and it had a picture of planet earth on it.  Although I wasn’t sure what this sign meant, I remembered learning a little about the book of Revelation in the Bible, and I knew that part of the second coming of Jesus involved a new heaven and a new earth.  This was the tribulation story, the Rapture event.  Without trying to sound dramatic, I felt very drawn to this sign.  I knew I had to either buy this book or figure out what this theory was.  I walked downstairs to the vender room with all the booths of alien literature and trinkets.  I scanned the tables for any sign of a book about a New Earth, and couldn’t find any.  Irritated, I went back upstairs to the main conference room to rejoin my friend.  I wanted to quickly ask him if he knew anything about this new earth theory before I headed back home.  When I opened the door to the main conference room, I saw that Dolores Cannon was on the stage!  I decided to stay and hear her lecture.  My first impression of her was that she seemed particularly cranky that day.  I wasn’t sure what I had been expecting, but I guess I thought she would be a sweet old lady.  She was very professional, but she snapped at a couple audience members and seemed to belittle their questions in my opinion.  So, I wasn’t hugely impressed.  For the second time, I had decided that I was about ready to leave…but then low and behold Dolores started talking about the New Earth.  Okay, I had to stay and hear this….

She began to talk about vibrations…and to understand what that means,  let me first give you some back story as to her work as a hypnotherapist.  In her books, she shares detailed accounts of her past life regression work upon individuals who, while under hypnosis, have confessed that their past lives were not on planet earth.  As her clients undergo hypnosis, they begin to recount their past lives.  It is at this point where another voice begins speaking, and communicates with Dolores.  Dolores then begins asking the new voice questions, and the voice claims to be a higher life form from another planet.  So Dolores interviews the higher beings while the person is under hypnosis.  Her books are accounts of what the beings tell her.  Well, now here’s where my details are fuzzy because I attended this conference many years ago.  If I remember correctly,  Dolores was told by a higher being that there would be a huge cosmic shift very soon.  Human kind would be forever changed.  Essentially, a new earth would be created from the old earth..much like another dimension.  The old earth would still exist, but those who vibrated at a high enough frequency and focused on positive emotions and thoughts (happiness, bliss, love) would be transported to the new earth.  Those who insisted on dwelling in pain and negativity (low vibrations), would stay behind in the old earth.  The role extraterrestrials were to play in this would be to usher the higher vibrational humans to the new dimension.  We were to watch for the alien encounters.  I think that’s the gist of her message that day.  Well, at the time this really piqued my interest.  My friend wasn’t as impressed as I was, and I think he had a bit more skepticism about the whole theory.  However, I was fascinated!  This sounded very similar to the Christian idea of the Rapture, and I felt drawn to knowing more about end times prophecies.

After arriving back home,  I became obsessed with the idea that perhaps I had come from another planet originally, as Dolores spoke about. The UFO Conference had sparked a whole new part of my spiritual path.  I began to research this idea.  I read some pdf excerpts of Dolores’s books, and my chiropractor loaned me one of hers as well.   I loved the idea that I was descended from another planet, that I was what the new age called a ‘Star Person’.  This would explain why I had special gifts and felt out of place in the world.  The new age talks a lot about Indigo Children as well, children with special gifts who are supposed to raise the vibration of humanity upwards.  There are many theories about this.  I read one of Delores’s  theories about what is called ‘Walk-Ins’, and the idea is that the higher beings, sometimes for lack of a better term, ‘comandeer’ a human body who can no longer deal with the pain from their traumatic childhoods.    This really scared me, but I was still curious and wanted to know more.  I thought it sounded a bit like demonic possession though.  Some of the stories online about alien visitations sounded terrifying to be perfectly honest, but Dolores’s clients said it was all part of the human evolution.  Some souls had signed up for a traumatic life to learn certain lessons for their soul’s evolution, and they needed painful events to learn.

Well, all this was pretty wild for me to learn about.  The whole New Earth theory also led me to another author named Ruth Montgomery.  She said something similar, and had channeled the information from a spirit or higher being life form.  The being told Ruth that there would be a Second Coming much like in the Bible.  The being (and I’m paraphrasing here because I threw the book away after I was saved) said something to the effect of those who vibrate at a higher frequency will be whisked away at the blink of an eye to another planet/dimension.  The others will remain behind.  The detail that grabbed me was that the being also mentioned the existence of the antichrist, and that he is alive today and being groomed for his rise to power.  The being said that the second coming would be much like the Christian view of the event, but it left out the role of Jesus as savior.  Instead of people believing in Jesus to be saved and taken to heaven, a person need only to vibrate at a higher frequency.

This really rattled me, I gotta tell you.  To learn that the metaphysical and new-age end game is the same apocalyptic event as the Bible….EXCEPT these ‘beings’ were going out of their way to remove the figure of Jesus Christ from the whole story.  This really raised my spidey senses.   The resurrection of Jesus has been factually proven in historical text, so to leave him out of the narrative entirely was really weird.  Some other channellers will say that Jesus Christ is the son of God….but that we humans are ALL sons of God.  It’s a very subtle twist to put humans on the same level and power as God.  It diminishes God’s role and elevates man’s role.  That’s the belief of ‘Inner Divinity’ that many new agers have.  The channeller Esther Hicks from Abraham Hicks-Law of Attraction, also has a being that speaks to her, and the being also diminishes the role of Jesus to that of ‘just another son of God’ like we all are also sons of God.  The being asserts that we are equals to God because of our inner divine nature.   It’s very subtle, and relegates Jesus Christ to just another ascended master, another extraterrestrial who we need to vibrate high enough to become like him.

So, after learning all this I felt God was wanting me to really open my eyes.


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.–Jeremiah 29:13


That’s what I had always been doing, trying to find Jesus…but at the time I was convinced the Bible was corrupt, or had been tampered with.  Could it be true that I had been deceived this whole time, I thought?  This was the very first time I genuinely considered the idea that the Bible really WAS the true word of God, that the church had it right all along.  I mean, if there was a second coming afterall….and even the new age believed this…I wanted to find out the TRUTH.

Finally,  my heart was opened enough for Jesus to speak to me.  This was the beginning of my search for Jesus.

Soon after my conversion (7 months later), which I will post in another blog (The Snare of Anger–Chapter 29)…the Holy Spirit began to show me that aliens were no more than satan’s deception.  They were demons masquerading as Ascended beings and masters, and guides, and beings of light.  These were all part of the deception to keep people from finding out the truth so they would focus on keeping their vibration at a high enough frequency so they would not be left behind.  The truth is that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  Jesus wants to show us the truth, but we have to have a soft enough heart and be truly asking for guidance in order for Him to show us.  We have a beautiful gift of free will, and so unless we ask Jesus for his help in showing us the truth….it’s very easy to fall prey to the god of this world, lucifer–the father of lies.  There are so many half truths in the new age, things that are meant to be very seductive and sound very true.  They are part of satan’s twisted world, and meant to deceive, keep you in spiritual bondage with scales over our eyes.

If you’re reading  this and searching for truth, please know you are not alone.  Praying for Jesus to show you the plan for your life and to show you the truth is the first step to knowing who you were created to be.

Jesus showed me that there truly is a war for our souls.  It is real.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  There are repentance prayers you might need to rebuke the enemy.  Many of us who have left new age deception are subject to spiritual warfare, and need deliverance prayers.  I posted one below.

I hope this post blesses someone today.


Repentance Prayer

Here is a link to a battle prayer for those going through demonic oppression.  The article mentions that you can pray alone, but you also might need a pastor.   Another piece to this is confessing all of your sins and listing them (including all involvement in the occult and listing it specifically), and forgiving your enemies and those who have wronged you or hurt you in your past (including childhood abuse).

******HOWEVER, I would warn you against seeking out a ‘deliverance minister’. These deliverance ministries have yielded bad fruit for me and many others. I would simply pray to Jesus, and if you feel led to find a pastor to pray over you, then that’s a good thing. I just want to warn anyone about deliverance prayers that involve someone else casting demons out of you. Many have had bad experiences with this.*******



Alien Abductions are stopped by calling on the name of Jesus!

Welcome to Alien Resistance



Below are some videos for you.  The first one is about alien abductions and the demonic realm.


Here’s a video below for further study on the accuracy of the Bible.










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