Is Energy Healing the same as Laying Hands on Someone?

This is a really helpful article that explains why energy healing (reiki, for example) is in reality not the same thing as Faith Healing or Laying Hands on someone.

Guys, this is so deceptive, and many feel like as long as they’re praying to Jesus they can just use the reiki attunements to heal someone.  The issue is that these ‘attunements’ are occult based, so it’s combining Jesus with occult knowledge, and we know from the Bible that this is ‘Spiritism’ and expressly forbidden for a grave reason.

All throughout the Old Testament, God’s people get caught up with the sin of Spiritism, and each time this sin produces death in their lives.  When God’s people worship false gods or have idols before God, when they engage in mediumship, seek sorcerers or astrologists… these actions are all considered the sin of Spiritism–which is considered witchcraft.

Each time God’s people engage in these sins, God has to chastise them for this to show why it’s so dangerous for their souls.  The enemy (satan) uses these lies to draw God’s people away from God’s protection, to get them dabbling in occult knowledge so that they are ensnared into spiritual bondage.

These lies look convincing and wondrous, but they are only the counterfeit to the True Light of the World–Jesus Christ.  ‘Love and Light’ is the light of lucifer, who is called the Light Bearer.  Lucifer’s goal is to take your soul away from God, and get your mind so confused with lies that you forget where your true home really is.  The enemy is the father of lies, and each lie is infused with a little bit of truth to make it seem right…but the ways of man lead to death.




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