Chapter 26: All Magic is Dark

Chapter 26:  All Magic is Dark

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour–Peter 5:8

Soon it was springtime again, and the weather was warm.  New life was beginning, and things were looking up.  I had been studying for my final exams, and focusing on getting into shape.  I felt more and more positive each day, and I felt more fabulous and confident than I did when I first arrived in Arkansas.

I hadn’t seen Reagan since our fall-time camping trip, but we had remained in contact over the phone and internet.  She was doing well in general, and things were looking up in her life.  She had been dating a younger guy, and she finally felt healed from her toxic past relationship with Prince Charming.  Spring seemed like a new beginning for us both.

All things considered, it was a shock to receive a panicked call from Reagan a mere few weeks after hearing such a good progress report.  However, things had turned on a dime and she called me in distress about her friend Charlie. She hadn’t heard from him in a couple days, and this was extremely odd behavior considering how close they were.  Charlie was a good, albeit eccentric type of guy, who was somehow a magnet for car accidents and well… all kinds of accidents really.  Through all his unfortunate injuries, he had become addicted to pain pills, and so he was sort of known for being ‘high’ most of the time.  In recent months, he had upped his dosage and had begun injecting the pain medications instead of relying on pills.  Reagan was very concerned about this, but couldn’t convince him to seek help.

So when Reagan called me worried about Charlie, it was very distressing to hear this news considering his history of drug usage.  He wasn’t answering his phone, and she had a very bad feeling that something was wrong.  After our talk, Reagan decided to contact Charlie’s landlord to let her into his apartment.

Hours later, I received another call from Reagan, and she was in tears.  When she got to Charlie’s apartment, she found his lifeless body…overdosed on heroin. 

Reagan was in a state of shock.  She didn’t know Charlie had been messing around with heroin, and it broke her heart.  She called the police and Charlie’s relatives to plan the funeral, but she was numb from the pain.  It all happened so fast for Reagan, and she was trying to cope the best she could.

Not knowing quite how to comfort my friend, I tried to support her by sending her all the ‘healing energy’ and ‘love and light’ I could muster.  This was basically the new age version of prayer, but it wasn’t asking a higher power for guidance or strength.  It was more that I was sending my own energy and divine light to her..somehow willing my ‘light’ to be sent out to help her. 

Sending my ‘own light and healing’ to Reagan was well intended, but the flaw in this is that it places humans as equal to the Creator Jehovah. Sending my own light  didn’t involve asking God to do anything, but instead involved relying on myself and my own ‘power’ to help and heal my friend.  This way of thinking also refused to acknowledge the fact that all light originates from the Lord to begin with , and we have two choices in this world:  Jehovah or Satan.  One is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the other is the son of perdition who seeks to imitate the One True God.  We don’t have ‘power or light’ on our own, it’s either from the Father in Heaven, or it’s from bondage with Satan.  

And even though I still believed in God, I didn’t feel comfortable asking Him for anything.  At the time, I felt that God helps those who help themselves, and I didn’t want to be weak by asking for favors all the time.  He must have better things to do than help me unless it was really a life threatening emergency I thought.  So, I relied on myself and my own ‘energy’ a lot.  This way of thinking was about to change for me, but I wasn’t quite there yet. 

After hearing the news from Reagan, I began to worry about her emotional well being, so I drove over to attend the funeral and spend the night at her apartment afterwards.  The funeral went well, and afterwards a small group of family and friends gathered for dinner in efforts to cheer her up.  I myself ended up drinking too much that night, trying dealing with the stressful event.  I hadn’t been very close with Charlie, but he was a former Tarot client of mine and we had hung out a couple times as friends.  One time in particular came to mind, and it was a haunting memory that left me with many unanswered questions.

It was about a year before his death, when Charlie and I were having lunch together at a local brewery.  We were having a surprisingly deep conversation about life, and  he opened up to me about a concern he had.  Charlie told me that he didn’t understand it, but he felt he had the worst luck.  No matter what he did, he kept getting physically  injured all the time.  Mostly it was car accidents, but lately it had been accidents in general.  Broken bones, sprains, hospital stays…he was always at the emergency room.  Even before the pain pill addiction, he had been wondering why his life was a constant string of accidents.  Confiding in me, he was beginning to wonder if he was cursed or something.  Wanting to help,  I told him what I learned in Seattle about saying the name ‘Archangel Michael’ for protection, and I gave him my Archangel Michael candle.  I truly believed then that the candle had some sort of power that protected people from demons, or ‘negative entities’ as the new-age called them.  Charlie was very moved by this gift, and said that it meant a lot to him.

I only wish I had known then that a candle can’t protect anyone, only Jesus can do that. 

Thinking back about our time spent together was really starting to upset me. I was beginning to see the truth of what happened to Charlie.  Was he being attacked by demons after all?  We all secretly wondered, but were afraid to talk about it.  Reagan had even said that Charlie had been very depressed and tormented by a dark feeling for the months leading up to his overdose. I began to wonder if Charlie really meant to overdose or not. Was he in full control of his actions that day, or was something more sinister controlling him?  All the talk about demons started to freak Reagan and I out, and we became scared that maybe the ‘negative entities’ were going to start tormenting us as well…now that Charlie was dead.  As it turns out, we were smart to be afraid of that.

You see, the new-age and wicca acknowledge the existence of demons, but they deny the existence of the devil by demoting these demons to mere ‘negative entities’.  The deception is that these ‘entities’ can be controlled by humans.  The lie is that we have the power and the techniques to manipulate the spirit world, and we don’t need to surrender ourselves to God.  This is the biggest lie there ever was, that we are equal to God.  This is the lie in the Garden of Eden, and it’s still the primary snare the devil uses today.   

Because I had believed lies for so long and turned from God’s will, I was about to see what it felt like to be without the protection of God.  God’s love and kingdom are the gift of our BIRTHRIGHT, and Satan knows that.  Satan has little time on earth, and his only goal is to distract us from God and destroy our connection to our true home with the Lord. We are God’s children, but Satan wants us to forget that and surrender our souls to darkness.  There is a true war for our souls.  It is real. 

Thoroughly freaked out and not wanting to talk about the topic of demons any further, Reagan and I headed back to her apartment to get to sleep.  It had been a long day, and we were both exhausted.  I fell asleep almost immediately on her couch, and it was a very deep sleep.  However, I began to have very disturbing dreams that night, dreams that felt very real.

In my dream, I was floating above the couch.  It almost felt like I was flying, or that I had this special power to levitate, but it also felt out of my control somehow.  I began to feel this unwelcome presence in the dream, a sort of pervasive evil that I couldn’t escape.  I tried to resist it, but I felt like it was more in control than I was. 

The next morning I woke up, and decided not to tell Reagan about the dream.  She was dealing with enough already with Charlie’s death.  However, in my hangover haze I suddenly remembered something that she had confessed to me the previous night.  She had confided in me that she had been dabbling in some more dark magic recently.  She wanted protection and justice in regards to her ex-boyfriend, Prince charming.  He had been harassing her with emails, and she wanted it to stop.  The dark magic spells promised a solution for her, but she was afraid I wouldn’t approve of this since I was now exclusively a ‘Christian Witch.’  I had just let her confess what she needed to, and I didn’t judge her.  Even though I didn’t want to come across as judgmental, I was legitimately concerned about her safety.  Even white witches or ‘good witches’ know to stay away from dark magic.  We all perceived that particular practice as very dangerous.

Reagan and I said our goodbyes that morning, and even though I still loved her very much..I couldn’t help feeling relieved to get away from her that day.  I felt that her dabbling in dark magic had something to do with my frightening dream of levitation.  I wanted to separate myself from all the talk about negative entities and darkness.

At the time, I still adhered to the false belief that dark magic was bad, and white magic was good and harmless.  I would soon learn that ALL magic is darkness, even if you slap the label of ‘white’ or even ‘Christian’ on it.  All magic is supplication to the devil and forbidden in the Bible.  God was about to show me this very soon.













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