Publishing the book on Kindle!

Hello everyone!

This book has been available on here for the past year and a half, but now I’m working to publish it on Kindle ebooks.  Due to copyright issues, I’m only able to leave a few chapters up.

As soon as the ebook becomes available, I will post a link here on both the blog and the facebook page.

Thank you for all the encouragement from everyone in this process!

I would especially like to thank the following people:

My pastors at Lynn Lane Baptist Church for all the encouragement and direction the past year.  This church has changed my life.

My friend Leah Rachel who suggested I do more with my blog. You never let me give up!

Crystal King, who suggested I publish on ebooks. Thank you so much for this idea!

And Angela Austin & Harmony Van VanHollebeke for all the editing and support!!

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