Why Wiccans and Pagans are Church-hurt, and how to help with that.

Guys, learning the following information really helped me.  That, coupled with finding a church with true believers sealed the deal.  My pastors both have experience dealing with the occult, and the love they have shown me has been a gift from the Almighty! Please share this information below with someone who needs it.:

“Many Pagans and Wiccans feel that they have been treated badly by the Church throughout history. There is certainly much truth in such a view. At times, the established Church has treated witches in terrible ways. However, a lot of Wiccans may not know that it wasn’t just the witches who were persecuted. Another group also suffered. Who were they? True Christian believers! At various times throughout Christian history, evil and unregenerate men have infiltrated the established Church and caused it to fall into apostasy. During such times, true believers have separated themselves, but then found themselves being savagely persecuted. Those who persecuted both Pagans and true Christians were not really Christians themselves, but rather corrupt and evil men who took the opportunity of infiltrating the established Church for their own selfish gain. That other Christians were also persecuted, along with many other groups, by the Church is acknowledged by authorities in Wicca.”

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