Which Jesus do you serve?

The book of Matthew in the Bible tells us that in the end days, there will be many false Christs, and the book of Phillipians tells us to work out our faith with fear and trembling.


Do you know which Christ you serve?


Did the Jesus you serve appear to you in a meditation?  Did you ‘connect’ to Him?  Did you receive a ‘download’ from him?  


This is the New Age Jesus, a False Christ.

           Satan appears as an angel of Light in the new age to deceive…



Many are being deceived by the idea of ‘Christ Consciousness’, a false image of Jesus Christ that they receive while practicing eastern meditation, while partaking in psychedelics, or simply a Jesus that appears in a false vision and doesn’t ask for that person to repent from their sins.  If Jesus is all Love and not asking you to change your ways, this is creating God in our own image or likeness.


The Lord is Love, but He is Holy.  Jesus wants to offer you freedom from the bondage of sin. It is a form of invisible slavery and blinds your eyes to the Truth.


The Lies of the False Jesus say:






The Truth is:

Jesus saved us. We serve Him, and it is His will be done….not ours.

We don’t have the power to Co-Create or manifest things.

The power is either the Lord our God in Heaven’s or the power comes from Satan who is the ‘god’ of this fallen world we live in.

We have a choice of who we serve, and if we serve ourselves…that is the choice to serve Satan by default.


The lie is that we can control things on our own.

The lie is that we’re enough on our own.


The Truth is: 

We aren’t ‘enough’ because we live under a curse.  This curse has a way out, and that is the TRUE JESUS CHRIST.


The True Jesus calls for us to deny ourselves and Follow Him….to leave our old ways behind…to repent from sin…to love our neighbors…and to submit to the Lord’s will instead of our own.  This is dying to self and picking up the cross to serve the Lord.  It’s diametrically opposed to every single thing we’ve been programmed to believe by our world from day one.

The media has been casting spells and blinding us from birth unless we have accepted the Lord Jesus as our Savior we can’t see the truth.


Don’t despair about the false Christs.  The good news is that everything Satan means for evil, the Lord uses for good.

There are many who are calling out to the TRUE JESUS for the first time in their lives, and Jesus is showing up for them!!  You will know it’s the real Jesus if you’re called to repentance, if you’re led to read the Holy Word of the Lord in the Bible.  Scripture renews your mind and the scales will fall from your eyes.  You will be shown the Lord’s Truth, the Way and the Light. You will be regenerated.


For further reading on how the False Jesus can appear to us, and even speak to us..I recommend the following book:


Deceived by the New Age by:  Will  Baron




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