Sacred Geometry, Metatron & the Kabbalah

This is Sacred Geometry & ‘Archangel Metatron’.

This is from the Kabbalah, not the Bible.  So, if Metatron isn’t one of the Lord’s angels….then he’s what exactly??  Yes…you guessed it…he’s a Fallen Angel.  This is what the Bible calls a demon.


And guess what demons do?  They give you lies wrapped in a bit of truth. They give you a stronghold that takes you away from the Lord, and gets you searching for ancient wisdom outside of the Bible.

This all goes to back to the First Lie in the Garden of Eden. Humanity believed the lies of the serpent Lucifer…and we wanted that ancient wisdom for ourselves. We were told we could be ‘as gods’…and we believed the Lie.


The new age likes to take ‘ancient wisdom’ like this and call it God’s Truth. It’s ancient all right, but guess who’s ‘truth’ this is?

So many are led astray when something is called angelic.


We can never forget…Lucifer was an angel once too.



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