Yoga & Hinduism=Inextricably Linked

Here’s an excerpt from The Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs by John Ankerberg.

He studied this stuff extensively back in the 70s when it first came to the forefront.


The gist is that:

It’s impossible to separate the practice of yoga and the intent of yoga..which is to awaken ‘psychic energy’ to achieve enlightenment & blend with the universe..realizing inner divinity. 

I have an online friend in India, who is a former Hindu, and is now on fire for Jesus.  He is grieved at the rate the West is adopting Hinduism through yoga. He can’t believe it actually.


Please share with anyone who has been lied to and is practicing yoga without realizing the true nature of it. A sincere Christian who knows the Truth about yoga…has a choice to make.  Will they serve the Lord their Savior and obey His decrees not to engage in spiritism, or will they ‘do as they wilt’?

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