Chapter 14: Tarot Woman Business

Chapter 14:  Tarot Woman Business

“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”   

                —2 Corinthians 11:14

Arriving back home, I noticed that I didn’t feel embarrassed to stay with my mom this time around.

Instead, I felt a divine sense of purpose after my past-life epiphany.  With newfound wisdom, I set out to secure another nanny job and get my life going again.  The plan was to find a roommate, and move out as soon as possible.  In the meanwhile, I decided to revel in my burgeoning spiritual awakening.  I felt like my same old self, but a new and improved version.  The past life regression had unlocked something inside my mind, and it was as if I was a changed woman.  The dark memories from my childhood and the family chaos didn’t seem to affect me this time around.  I was freed from that burden, or so I thought.  I felt a sense of blissful worldliness, as if I had experienced what few do in this lifetime—an enlightened view of my spiritual self.  Maybe this was what the ‘higher self’ was all about, I thought. 

During this time, I had been talking to Fawn on the phone a lot, and I regarded her as one of the few people who understood the true nature of the universe.  We were on a path together to discover the mystical nature of our reality, and we both felt that were truly ‘awoken’.

It wasn’t long until I was ready to begin reading the tarot cards for actual paying clients.  I had been practicing on my friends and family since arriving back home, and everyone was impressed with the accuracy of my readings.  I felt this new power gave me a sense of confidence I had never experienced before.  Riding this wave, I decided to build my own business website.  I didn’t know anything about that kind of thing, and my wrists couldn’t handle a lot of typing, what with my carpel tunnel, but I felt sure I needed to take this step of faith.  My mom agreed to help me, and with both of us working together the website was successfully built.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it allowed me to create a Myspace page for my new business.  I linked the website to my Myspace page, and then friended a lot of people and businesses.  I named my business ‘Tarot Woman Intuitive Readings’, and I had found a beautiful logo of a woman in a red toga dress, sitting at the edge of a pond.  The woman was holding a lotus flower, and she seemed so wise.  I wanted to be just like the woman in this image.  I also decided to create my first gmail account, and I realized I needed a name for it too.  I decided to call my email ‘crowfeather’.  I felt this was appropriate because the crows had adopted me as one of their own in Seattle. They were definitely my spirit animal.   I truly was a wise woman now, someone with the wisdom from the ancients.  My ancestors from the past life session wanted to help me find my path in the universe.  The old me was passing away, and making room for the new and improved woman I was becoming.  The past life session had really been a turning point for me.  At the time, I thought this was a good thing.

Also around this time, I had participated in my first ‘Map healing’ session with my friend Fawn.  She had taught me how to open the ‘cone of healing’ and call in ‘the ascended masters of the white brotherhood’.  Fawn said these were great enlightened masters from since before time began, and they would be able to assist me in my life.  The deva of nature spirits was a helpful spirit in charge of the natural world of plants, and Fawn informed me that this spirit would be helpful in healing my body of all ailments.  Fawn also told me that every time she opens the cone of healing she would call in Jesus for protection.  She knew channeling was a dangerous activity, so when she opened the ‘cone’ she would ask Jesus to heal her along with the other spirits.  This made sense to me.  As long as Jesus was involved, I figured it would be safe enough.

I would later learn of course, that there is a false Christ in the new age, a version of Jesus that is a counterfeit to the true Light of the World.  Not all things done unto Jesus’s name are the true Jehovah God.  Different spirits masquerade as Jesus, and even some churches have what’s called the Kundalini Spirit–a false holy spirit that seeks to mimic the actual baptism of the Holy Spirit.  You will feel this sense of ‘bliss’, but it’s not from the Lord.  It’s demonic.  

During the Map healing session, I felt peace flowing through me.  It was similar to the past life regression work I had done before, in that afterwards I felt like I was floating in a blissful state of existence.  Everything felt so good.  I thanked Fawn when the session was over.  She then told me that I could do a healing session on myself any time I wanted, and that all I had to do was say the words inside my mind.  I would need to get to a meditative still place inside, but the concept was the same—open the cone and call in the spirits to heal me.  I began to see that this was not much different from praying.  I was asking the spirits to help me, assist me.  Maybe spells were like prayers too, I thought.  It all made sense.  My words were powerful, and I could create any reality I chose.  I thought this was what prayer truly was, the act of forming my world as a co-creator with God.  I began to think how silly the church was for teaching us to ask for God’s will, when we could be creating and manifesting all that our heart desires.

I didn’t realize I was falling for the age-old lie that Satan told to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden:

For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5

Feeling so inspired by this rush of energy and healing from the deva of nature spirits and the ascended masters, I began to wonder what this was all about.  Was the spiritual realm something that I had simply been taught to fear?  Maybe it was my birthright to be able to manipulate the energy around me.  The other realm began to become my friend, something I could use to enhance my life.  I became fascinated with the idea that people could control the elements and the natural world, and I took this as a sign that someone was spiritually powerful.  I too, wanted this power.  I felt ready to finally stop being a victim and take control over my life.

Then, I suddenly thought of my beloved spirit animal, the crow.  There weren’t as many crows in Oklahoma as there had been in Washington, and I had been missing them terribly.  I felt a strong and powerful urge for them to be near me again, to feel the fellowship of my protectors, my guides.  I missed them, needed them with me.  I felt this pulling feeling, as if my whole being was calling the crows to me.  I had no idea what I was doing, or that this was a form of witchcraft and sorcery.  I just knew I needed the crows there and I had called them to me.

The next morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen to make coffee.  I got my mug, and went to the balcony to enjoy my coffee outside.  Upon opening the sliding door, I caught my breath in amazement. There below me was a large group of crows.  There must have been 50 crows on the street below, squawking and milling around.  I couldn’t believe my own eyes! I just sat there mouth open in shock.  What did this mean? I felt like I was finally becoming a powerful and wise spiritual woman.  That was the day I renamed myself ‘Crowfeather’.  I used this as my spiritual name because the crows had indeed chosen me.  That’s what I thought then.

This is the enchanting deception of the shamanic path.  Nature is used to lure us into a magical union with the natural world, and we believe it’s all God doing this.  We believe we can manipulate nature and bend the universe to our will.  This is just a taste to further lure us into sorcery.

It wasn’t long after this, that I began to book gigs as a psychic reader.  I felt my powers growing, and I was ready to help others.  My first gig was at a local art show in my hometown.  I sat up a booth, and had purchased a little sign with the Tarot Woman logo on it—the beautiful picture of the woman in the red dress with the lotus flower.  I sat down, and waited for my first client.  I had decided to do readings for what was called a ‘love donation’—basically whatever the client felt the reading was worth to them.  This worked well at the art show venue, and I found myself reading for at least ten people that night.  I usually received anywhere from $10 to $20 per reading, so I came away with a little over $100 from a few hours worth of psychic readings.

My second gig was at a psychic fair.  It was an annual event held at a local hotel.  Upon arrival, I scanned the room.  There were tables lined up along the walls so that a person could walk through the room and consult with various psychics and spiritualists.  I found the person in charge, and told them I was booked as a Tarot Reader booth.  Tarot readers needed the tarot cards to do the readings; whereas, psychics did not.  I learned that not all tarot readers are legitimate psychics, but if they were skilled readers of the tarot they could still predict the most probable future outcome, based upon where the person was ‘energetically’ at that time.  I didn’t feel confident enough to call myself a psychic yet, so I simply let my clients know that the tarot cards were something that the client’s subconscious is actually choosing, not the reader.  The reader is merely there to interpret the message of the cards.  I would have the clients shuffle their own cards back then, so they would understand I wasn’t doing anything weird or spooky.  I firmly believed we all had our inner destiny locked away in our subconscious, and the tarot symbolism merely helped our brains access this information.

As I sat down at the booth and put my Tarot Woman sign up, I began to feel a little uneasy.  I couldn’t figure out why, so I chalked it up to nerves.   The psychic fair was set to begin in a few minutes, and I was getting my tarot deck ‘cleared’ and ‘charged’.  Before energy work of any kind, practitioners are taught to clear any ‘negative energy’ from themselves or their deck.  They are also taught to protect their energetic bodies and connect or ground so that they will be safe from any ‘psychic attack’.  I was told that crystals also help protect my energy, and also burning sage to clear my chakras and aura was key to doing energy work.  I had no idea how deceived I was.

As soon as my energy was cleared, clients began filing in the room.  My booth quickly became popular because as a first time reader for the psychic fair, I was obligated to charge only a donation for my readings.  The line for my readings became quite long, and I was beginning to feel nervous.  I quickly opened the cone of healing inside my mind, and called in the white brotherhood of ascended masters to help me.  I needed them to help soothe my nerves if I was going to get through this day.  My first client was an administrator from the psychic fair, and her goal was to test me to see if I was a legitimate reader.  The woman asked me about an upcoming job interview, and if it would be a good fit for her.  Nervous, but feeling more peaceful from the cone of healing, I began my process of reading the cards.  One by one, I flipped the cards over and revealed personal information about this woman’s question.  As I began to talk about this job offer, the woman’s eyes became widened.  The information revealed in the reading seemed very shocking to her, but she also seemed pleased.  Suddenly, she stood up and yelled over to the other tables “This woman’s the real deal right here!”  I immediately felt a sense of pride and confidence.  I enjoyed feeling special, like I had a power that someone else didn’t.  Upon hearing that my psychic abilities were legitimate, the line for a reading with me became even longer.

The next few hours were back to back readings, and I began to feel drained.  I had made a good chunk of cash in tips/donations, but I was ready to call it quits.  The administrators told me I could leave at any time, so I began to gather my things and get ready to head out to my car.  As I began to stand up, I suddenly felt very strange.  My head was spinning for some reason, and I felt like my center of gravity wasn’t quite where it should be. I wondered if I was coming down with something.  Suddenly, I felt like I might faint or fall over.  I had never felt faint before, so I didn’t quite know what to do.  A woman in a nearby booth noticed me struggling, and came to my aid.  “Are you okay honey?” she asked.

“I..uh..I don’t know..” I replied frightened.  “I feel strange, like I can’t walk.”

“Oh I bet I know what it is, she said confidently. You got an overdose of psychic energy from the room I think.”

A couple more ladies began to notice how strangely I was acting, and came over to see if I was okay.

“I think I must just be sensitive to all the energy in the room,” I said, nodding to the lady who had clued me in.

The women standing around me suddenly seemed a bit frightened, and I didn’t know quite why.  They started to exchange sideways glances, and suggested I head home to be safe.  One of them offered to walk me to my car, but by this point I was starting to feel a little better so I declined.

When I left the building, I started to feel a little more like myself, but it took a solid few hours to fully recover from whatever had happened.  That day made an impression on me, and I began to wonder if I wanted to be a psychic reader as a career.  If I was that sensitive to energy, then I would have to rethink this.

Of course, now I know that the energy in the room was demonic.  That combined with other psychics in the room calling upon other entities was most likely an overload of demonic warfare in the room.  Most of the readers thought they were calling on angelic guides and/or goddesses, but we would soon learn that Satan masquerades as an angel of light. 

Chapter One: The False Vision


This is my story.  This is a very personal account of why the new age beliefs appealed to me, how they promised healing and peace, but delivered the opposite.  This is a story of how I desperately searched for love and God in places that led me to spiritual darkness.  It is not my intent to judge those in the new age, but to shed God’s light upon it.  There are many imitations of the True Light of the world:  Jesus Christ. The antithesis to our Heavenly Father is a being called Lucifer, who is the father of lies and the god of this world.  We are all making our way through a fallen state of existence, and this book is about my journey to discover Truth, and how it changed me.  God’s truth revealed the true ME, the woman God truly intended me to be. The identity I had been searching for all my life.  This is the story of how I found true peace for the first time through the love and redemption of Jesus Christ my savior.

To my fellow Christians who don’t know what the new age is, I hope this book will help explain how seductive the teachings are and how someone can easily fall prey to them.  The new age teachings have crept into many churches now, and it is imperative to be informed about them.  Many Christians are reluctant to talk about these things, for fear it will bring on more evil in their life.  However, we must be sober and vigilant, with eyes to see the schemes of the enemy.  This is imperative for all believers, and as uncomfortable as it is to talk about things that aren’t of God, we need to come together and address this.

For those of you wondering what kind of person would willingly enter the dark world of the occult, let me tell you it’s not marketed that way anymore.  We have a cunning enemy, and satan appears as an angel of light in the new age, promising peace, unity, and healing.  The enemy twists things to give the appearance of truth and ancient wisdom, and many are believing these half-truths in their search for God.  The term ‘new-age’ really refers to the ‘old paganism’ of the Bible– all the sins of dabbling in spiritism that are forbidden.  However, nowadays these mystical practices are repackaged as healthy for us and even adopted by many Christians.  The world is blending paganism with Christianity, and this is the issue I’m hoping to address in this book.  The devil’s plan with this is to create a unified religion that appeals to pagans and Christians alike, the end game being to position the antichrist as the head of the church, and recognized as ‘god’ by the many.  This is the great deception.  We are all pawns unless we see behind this veil.

To give you some backstory as to my beliefs: I was raised in a Baptist Church, and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and the Son of God and when I was 10 or 11.  I remember getting baptized, and I loved the Lord with all my heart.  I prayed each night, and talked to God all the time.  However, around 19 years old some painful events happened in my family that caused me to lose the majority of my faith.  My parents were on their second marriage at that time, and both of them had decided to divorce their spouses again.  The foundation of both my families was crumbling while I was away at college.  My stepfather could no longer pay for my classes, so I had to drop out of school, get a full-time job and apply for food stamps.  He was suddenly gone from my life, and I felt like I lost a father.  I had gone from pampered to poverty in under a month.  It was a shock for my 19 year old self.  That coupled with family secrets, buried memories of childhood abuse, and general dysfunction—it all combined to create a crisis of self and faith.

My faith in God was childlike to begin with, and so I thought maturity meant not expecting God to solve all my problems.  This lie kept me drifting far away from God, and eventually I adopted the new age teachings because they had bits of Christianity mixed in with other mystical teachings.  There was also the issue that many Christians seemed mean and judgmental, and I wanted no part of that.  So, if the church wasn’t the place where God lived, then I had to find the true Jesus elsewhere.  That’s what started my journey to uncover ancient wisdom, and I hoped it would heal all the broken parts inside me.


Chapter 1:  The False Vision

      When his face appeared, I recognized him immediately.  It was as if I had known him before time existed.  He looked into my eyes, somehow peering deep down into my very soul.  He spoke one word…’Love’.  It was as if I could hear his voice resounding inside my mind.  When he spoke, waves of ‘energy’ appeared and formed four red letters upon his heart.  Like a glowing neon sign, the letters spelled out the word…’Love’.   Suddenly, I felt weightless, like I was in another dimension.  When I opened my eyes, I discovered I was awake, yet still inside the dream.  The glowing letters echoing the word ‘Love.’  

Back in my mid-twenties, I had a vision.  Not knowing what that was, I considered it to be a message from God.  I had no idea that Satan can also send visions.  I just assumed it was from God because it was about ‘Love’.

When I received this vision, I was delighted to behold a man’s face..and not just any face.  He was beautiful.  He had piercing blue eyes with shoulder length, sandy brown hair.  His eyes shone with kindness and intensity, and he had a beard which, to me, gave him the appearance of wisdom and safety.  I had a peaceful feeling when I looked at him, as if we had known each other before.  He uttered one word to me: ‘Love’.  He said the word almost telepathically, and I remember thinking he was speaking to my very soul.

I knew instantly that this man was to be my husband, as if this knowledge was sent from heaven–it wasn’t.  My friends however, were a bit dubious about the vision, and teased me that maybe who I really saw was Jesus instead of some destined ‘true love’.   But, I would not be dissuaded.  I decided that from then on, I would be on the lookout for this man, as I was not going to miss finding my soulmate!

So for the next few months, I had a laser sharp focus for any man with a beard and sandy brown hair.  I mean, I had a hawk eye looking for this future soul-mate.  I was convinced my other half was going to present himself very soon.  The funny thing (and I tried not to focus on it), was that I wasn’t really attracted to men with beards at that time, or at all really, but it mattered little because the idea of a destined love was what I had been preparing for since I was 17 years old.  I had been enamored with the idea of ‘love at first sight’ since high school, so the idea of love at first ‘dream-vision’ wasn’t much of a leap from there.  I decided that if God cared enough to send me my other half, I would not quibble about his appearance.

My fascination with soul-mates continued into my college years, where I learned about the Greek myth of the ‘Androgyne’, a poetic theory teaching that humans are born separated from an integral piece of their identity–the literal other half.  I learned that this ‘other-half’ is the soul’s counterpart, and they were literally created to fulfill us.  I was so taken with this concept, as it seemed similar to the story of Adam and Eve.  God created Eve just for Adam, so that he wouldn’t be alone.  God fashioned Eve out of Adam’s rib, and she was in fact a part of him.  They were ‘one’ together.  I wanted that ‘one-ness’. I wanted my other half.

You see, I had always been a die-hard romantic.  Romeo and Juliet was my favorite story since age 16, and I longed for the kind of connection I saw portrayed.  I was consumed with the idea of a soul bond that transcended the mundane idea of mere compatibility.  I wasn’t looking for a simple boyfriend; I wanted a convergence of time and space–the kind of love that blended two souls into one.  The search for true love gave me a feeling of complete wholeness, without which life would be empty.  Everything I did revolved around making myself good enough to find this destined love someday.  This was my entire purpose of existence.  Yet, through all this I never once stopped to wonder why finding love was so important to me–never questioned my fixation on this or where it came from.

With all my fixation upon finding true love, beholding my soul-mate in a dream was in every way an answer to my prayers.  Around the time I received the vision, I had been through a series of traumatic life events, and because of this, the vision became a veritable life raft for me.  I clung to my vision as proof that my life would get better; It meant I would be somebody.

The seed of deception from Satan had been planted, and little by little my penchant for romance grew into a deep obsession, leading me to search for love no matter the cost to myself or my soul.

But let me go back to how this all began…



The Watchmen

The other night, I was getting ready to turn in for sleep..but first I wanted to read my Bible for a bit.  In the last 5 months, I have been reading whole books of the Bible (instead of flipping through it in hopes that God would ‘magically’ send me a word of wisdom).  I learned that flipping through the Bible in this way is called Bibliomancy--essentially treating the Word of God like a tarot deck or any divination device.  So, for the past months I had been learning to read entire chapters and really study the word.  It’s a supernatural book, and when I began to read it..God began to bless me in my heart.  I’ve been taken to new levels in my walk with Christ, and shown areas in my life that He wants to heal and grow me.  There are blessings from reading the Word..and there’s also spiritual warfare against us to do so.  It was surprisingly difficult to sit down and read the Bible…but once I started I began to see the changes in my life.

So like I said…the other night I was comfortable in bed and ready to doze off.  Yet, first I had to read a bit of the book of Isaiah that I was currently studying.  I turned the Bible  to Isaiah, but for some reason one of my ‘bookmarks’ (that’s what I call the bits of paper and notes I stuff in my Bible) had been what I thought was ‘randomly’ placed in another book…and this caused me to ‘accidentally’ turn to Ezekial instead of Isaiah.

Not wanting to have any part with ‘bibliomancy’ as I had in the past, I tried to quickly turn the page back to the book of Isaiah…but the Holy Spirit said to stay on that page.  I felt this nudging to read that page.  Again, I really didn’t want to because I wanted NOTHING to do with treating the Bible like a divination tool.  Yet…God was asking me to read the page…so I did.

I read the words of the book of Ezekial 33:1 that said ‘Renewal of Ezekial’s Call as Watchman’…and I knew God was about to tell me something big.

The book said… “The word of the Lord came to me:  Son of man, speak to your people and say to them:  ‘When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head.  Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head.  If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves.  But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.”

As I sat there and read the words, I knew God was speaking to me.  I had been feeling for many months that things were changing in the world.  Wars and rumors of wars, the great falling away of the church with false teachers and seeker friendly apostate churches, occult activities like yoga and rheiki embraced by many churches, men becoming lovers of themselves with self worship, the sex trafficking and abuse of billions of children in this world….and most recently God pouring his Spirit down on us and people dreaming dreams and thousands turning to Jesus after having life changing encounters with the Living God….  This is big guys! Back in 2014/15, God began to pull thousands of people out of occult activities.  There are many testimonies of how God has been pouring out His spirit on the world.  It is quite simply miraculous!

All these signs and more had been tormenting me.  I’ve been seeing the writing on the wall now for many months, yet receiving a clear call from the Lord to warn people was a bit jarring at first.  My stomach dropped to the floor as I began to process what this meant. I’m not claiming to be a prophet of any kind, but God asked me to be a Watchman–which means to me that I have a warning to give.  God wants me to warn others that Judgement is near, and we need to draw close to the Lord and Repent of our sins and any worldliness.  We need to come out of the world and be set apart for the coming hour.  I don’t know how soon or when God’s judgement will come, or how…and again I’m not a prophet.  I just know that God wants me to somehow warn others that Judgement is real and to be prepared for it.  

I wrestled with this for a few days, and prayed for the Lord to show me how to warn people and what message to give them.

Nobody knows when the events will begin, but after receiving this Word from the Lord I learned there are other Watchmen receiving this exact same Word. This was confirmed for me by the witness of other brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I got the sense that God was telling me I had to warn everyone that He was about to show up in a big way, and that it was time to come out of the world.

If you have not given your life to Jesus…you didn’t visit this site by accident.  Talk to God now.  Repent of your sins and ask Him to show you Who He is.  God will never abandon you if you truly seek Him with all your heart.


The Watchmen

Is Energy Healing the same as Laying Hands on Someone?

This is a really helpful article that explains why energy healing (reiki, for example) is in reality not the same thing as Faith Healing or Laying Hands on someone.

Guys, this is so deceptive, and many feel like as long as they’re praying to Jesus they can just use the reiki attunements to heal someone.  The issue is that these ‘attunements’ are occult based, so it’s combining Jesus with occult knowledge, and we know from the Bible that this is ‘Spiritism’ and expressly forbidden for a grave reason.

All throughout the Old Testament, God’s people get caught up with the sin of Spiritism, and each time this sin produces death in their lives.  When God’s people worship false gods or have idols before God, when they engage in mediumship, seek sorcerers or astrologists… these actions are all considered the sin of Spiritism–which is considered witchcraft.

Each time God’s people engage in these sins, God has to chastise them for this to show why it’s so dangerous for their souls.  The enemy (satan) uses these lies to draw God’s people away from God’s protection, to get them dabbling in occult knowledge so that they are ensnared into spiritual bondage.

These lies look convincing and wondrous, but they are only the counterfeit to the True Light of the World–Jesus Christ.  ‘Love and Light’ is the light of lucifer, who is called the Light Bearer.  Lucifer’s goal is to take your soul away from God, and get your mind so confused with lies that you forget where your true home really is.  The enemy is the father of lies, and each lie is infused with a little bit of truth to make it seem right…but the ways of man lead to death.




New Age Rapture

Back in the spring of 2014, I attended my first and only UFO Conference.  A friend bought me the ticket as a treat, and we headed off to a neighboring state to attend a two day weekend event of lectures.  I was excited at the time, even though I wasn’t a big alien believer per se.  My friend wasn’t either, but he had always wanted to go to an UFO convention.  He was very excited about seeing one speaker in particular, a woman named Dolores Cannon.  Dolores Cannon is deceased, but at the time she was considered the ‘pioneering grandmother of hypnotherapy,’ and not just any hypnotherapy.  Dolores practiced a type of past life regression that involved connecting to what she called The Source–ascended beings, otherwise known as aliens or higher life forms.  This was a big ‘get’, having Dolores Cannon on the speaker list.  I had heard of this woman before through my chiropractor, who ardently admired Dolores’s work.

At the time, I had no idea what God had planned for that weekend, and that this conference would be the beginning of my coming back to Jesus.  The first day of lectures was on Saturday, and it was what any novice would expect, a toe dipping introduction into extra terrestrial theories and accounts.  It was fun, a bit like an episode of The X-Files. The final day of the conference was Sunday, but after another full morning of lectures I pretty much had my fill after the lunch break.  It had been an interesting weekend, and I bought a pretty ring from one of the vendors who sold various metaphysical and ET (extraterrestrial) paraphernalia…but I was ready to head home.  Dolores Cannon still hadn’t presented, so my friend wanted to stay and hear her.  I didn’t really know much about her at the time, just that she was a big deal and very respected.  I still didn’t really care one way or the other if I heard her present, and I had firmly decided that I wanted to head home.  I was on my way to tell my friend I was leaving, when a particular sign caught my eye.  The sign said ‘New Earth’, and it had a picture of planet earth on it.  Although I wasn’t sure what this sign meant, I remembered learning a little about the book of Revelation in the Bible, and I knew that part of the second coming of Jesus involved a new heaven and a new earth.  This was the tribulation story, the Rapture event.  Without trying to sound dramatic, I felt very drawn to this sign.  I knew I had to either buy this book or figure out what this theory was.  I walked downstairs to the vender room with all the booths of alien literature and trinkets.  I scanned the tables for any sign of a book about a New Earth, and couldn’t find any.  Irritated, I went back upstairs to the main conference room to rejoin my friend.  I wanted to quickly ask him if he knew anything about this new earth theory before I headed back home.  When I opened the door to the main conference room, I saw that Dolores Cannon was on the stage!  I decided to stay and hear her lecture.  My first impression of her was that she seemed particularly cranky that day.  I wasn’t sure what I had been expecting, but I guess I thought she would be a sweet old lady.  She was very professional, but she snapped at a couple audience members and seemed to belittle their questions in my opinion.  So, I wasn’t hugely impressed.  For the second time, I had decided that I was about ready to leave…but then low and behold Dolores started talking about the New Earth.  Okay, I had to stay and hear this….

She began to talk about vibrations…and to understand what that means,  let me first give you some back story as to her work as a hypnotherapist.  In her books, she shares detailed accounts of her past life regression work upon individuals who, while under hypnosis, have confessed that their past lives were not on planet earth.  As her clients undergo hypnosis, they begin to recount their past lives.  It is at this point where another voice begins speaking, and communicates with Dolores.  Dolores then begins asking the new voice questions, and the voice claims to be a higher life form from another planet.  So Dolores interviews the higher beings while the person is under hypnosis.  Her books are accounts of what the beings tell her.  Well, now here’s where my details are fuzzy because I attended this conference many years ago.  If I remember correctly,  Dolores was told by a higher being that there would be a huge cosmic shift very soon.  Human kind would be forever changed.  Essentially, a new earth would be created from the old earth..much like another dimension.  The old earth would still exist, but those who vibrated at a high enough frequency and focused on positive emotions and thoughts (happiness, bliss, love) would be transported to the new earth.  Those who insisted on dwelling in pain and negativity (low vibrations), would stay behind in the old earth.  The role extraterrestrials were to play in this would be to usher the higher vibrational humans to the new dimension.  We were to watch for the alien encounters.  I think that’s the gist of her message that day.  Well, at the time this really piqued my interest.  My friend wasn’t as impressed as I was, and I think he had a bit more skepticism about the whole theory.  However, I was fascinated!  This sounded very similar to the Christian idea of the Rapture, and I felt drawn to knowing more about end times prophecies.

After arriving back home,  I became obsessed with the idea that perhaps I had come from another planet originally, as Dolores spoke about. The UFO Conference had sparked a whole new part of my spiritual path.  I began to research this idea.  I read some pdf excerpts of Dolores’s books, and my chiropractor loaned me one of hers as well.   I loved the idea that I was descended from another planet, that I was what the new age called a ‘Star Person’.  This would explain why I had special gifts and felt out of place in the world.  The new age talks a lot about Indigo Children as well, children with special gifts who are supposed to raise the vibration of humanity upwards.  There are many theories about this.  I read one of Delores’s  theories about what is called ‘Walk-Ins’, and the idea is that the higher beings, sometimes for lack of a better term, ‘comandeer’ a human body who can no longer deal with the pain from their traumatic childhoods.    This really scared me, but I was still curious and wanted to know more.  I thought it sounded a bit like demonic possession though.  Some of the stories online about alien visitations sounded terrifying to be perfectly honest, but Dolores’s clients said it was all part of the human evolution.  Some souls had signed up for a traumatic life to learn certain lessons for their soul’s evolution, and they needed painful events to learn.

Well, all this was pretty wild for me to learn about.  The whole New Earth theory also led me to another author named Ruth Montgomery.  She said something similar, and had channeled the information from a spirit or higher being life form.  The being told Ruth that there would be a Second Coming much like in the Bible.  The being (and I’m paraphrasing here because I threw the book away after I was saved) said something to the effect of those who vibrate at a higher frequency will be whisked away at the blink of an eye to another planet/dimension.  The others will remain behind.  The detail that grabbed me was that the being also mentioned the existence of the antichrist, and that he is alive today and being groomed for his rise to power.  The being said that the second coming would be much like the Christian view of the event, but it left out the role of Jesus as savior.  Instead of people believing in Jesus to be saved and taken to heaven, a person need only to vibrate at a higher frequency.

This really rattled me, I gotta tell you.  To learn that the metaphysical and new-age end game is the same apocalyptic event as the Bible….EXCEPT these ‘beings’ were going out of their way to remove the figure of Jesus Christ from the whole story.  This really raised my spidey senses.   The resurrection of Jesus has been factually proven in historical text, so to leave him out of the narrative entirely was really weird.  Some other channellers will say that Jesus Christ is the son of God….but that we humans are ALL sons of God.  It’s a very subtle twist to put humans on the same level and power as God.  It diminishes God’s role and elevates man’s role.  That’s the belief of ‘Inner Divinity’ that many new agers have.  The channeller Esther Hicks from Abraham Hicks-Law of Attraction, also has a being that speaks to her, and the being also diminishes the role of Jesus to that of ‘just another son of God’ like we all are also sons of God.  The being asserts that we are equals to God because of our inner divine nature.   It’s very subtle, and relegates Jesus Christ to just another ascended master, another extraterrestrial who we need to vibrate high enough to become like him.

So, after learning all this I felt God was wanting me to really open my eyes.


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.–Jeremiah 29:13


That’s what I had always been doing, trying to find Jesus…but at the time I was convinced the Bible was corrupt, or had been tampered with.  Could it be true that I had been deceived this whole time, I thought?  This was the very first time I genuinely considered the idea that the Bible really WAS the true word of God, that the church had it right all along.  I mean, if there was a second coming afterall….and even the new age believed this…I wanted to find out the TRUTH.

Finally,  my heart was opened enough for Jesus to speak to me.  This was the beginning of my search for Jesus.

Soon after my conversion (7 months later), which I will post in another blog (The Snare of Anger–Chapter 29)…the Holy Spirit began to show me that aliens were no more than satan’s deception.  They were demons masquerading as Ascended beings and masters, and guides, and beings of light.  These were all part of the deception to keep people from finding out the truth so they would focus on keeping their vibration at a high enough frequency so they would not be left behind.  The truth is that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  Jesus wants to show us the truth, but we have to have a soft enough heart and be truly asking for guidance in order for Him to show us.  We have a beautiful gift of free will, and so unless we ask Jesus for his help in showing us the truth….it’s very easy to fall prey to the god of this world, lucifer–the father of lies.  There are so many half truths in the new age, things that are meant to be very seductive and sound very true.  They are part of satan’s twisted world, and meant to deceive, keep you in spiritual bondage with scales over our eyes.

If you’re reading  this and searching for truth, please know you are not alone.  Praying for Jesus to show you the plan for your life and to show you the truth is the first step to knowing who you were created to be.

Jesus showed me that there truly is a war for our souls.  It is real.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  There are repentance prayers you might need to rebuke the enemy.  Many of us who have left new age deception are subject to spiritual warfare, and need deliverance prayers.  I posted one below.

I hope this post blesses someone today.


Repentance Prayer

Here is a link to a battle prayer for those going through demonic oppression.  The article mentions that you can pray alone, but you also might need a pastor.   Another piece to this is confessing all of your sins and listing them (including all involvement in the occult and listing it specifically), and forgiving your enemies and those who have wronged you or hurt you in your past (including childhood abuse).

******HOWEVER, I would warn you against seeking out a ‘deliverance minister’. These deliverance ministries have yielded bad fruit for me and many others. I would simply pray to Jesus, and if you feel led to find a pastor to pray over you, then that’s a good thing. I just want to warn anyone about deliverance prayers that involve someone else casting demons out of you. Many have had bad experiences with this.*******



Alien Abductions are stopped by calling on the name of Jesus!

Welcome to Alien Resistance



Below are some videos for you.  The first one is about alien abductions and the demonic realm.


Here’s a video below for further study on the accuracy of the Bible.










Spiritual Attacks

When I was 19 years old, I had my first spiritual attack.  I was taking a nap,  and suddenly I felt a heavy weight on my chest. I couldn’t breathe or wake up.  I had been raised as a Christian, and taught to call on the name of Jesus if anything like this happened..but as it often happens in nightmares, I was frozen in silence.  A stereotypical shadowy figure appeared to the right side of the bed.  I finally struggled to squeak out “In the name of Jesus Christ, Flee!”  The image was instantly gone, and I was awake..but my hands were pressing very firmly against my neck, and I woke up choking myself.  This was the first time I knew there was a dark spiritual realm.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it.  I heard some people call my experience a ‘Night Terror’, but I was there..and I wasn’t satisfied with that explanation.  The other piece to this story is that as a young child, I had been erroneously taught that a person only gets attacked when they are religious, so I thought I would be safe if I stopped praying.  So, after this choking attack, I strayed even further from God, ironically trying to avoid danger.  This, of course led me down a much more spiritually dangerous path.

The second attack happened when I was in my late 20s, and it was again while I was asleep. I woke up, and the first thing I saw were small dark figures scurrying up the wall very fast, and then they were gone.  I was sleeping on my stomach, and I looked to my right, and saw a giant man in a rocking chair. He was wearing a white suit, and had white hair. I thought he was an angel at the time, but he scared me.  My first thought was that I didn’t particularly enjoy having a giant man in a rocking chair in my bedroom, but I was reminded of when I was a little girl and my mom told me I saw a man in our backyard dressed all in white, with a white suit and white hair.  So, thinking this giant man in my bedroom was an angel, I didn’t get too scared.  Knowing what I know now, I suspect this entity to be a demon.  satan does appear as an angel of light to confuse us.   This was my first experience with that.  Something I don’t understand about this attack was that my cat was sitting firmly on my back, and refused to move.  I’ve wondered about this ever since. I still believe my cat saw the dark entities, and was trying to protect me.  Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my cat has any power whatsoever to protect me from demons.  I did at the time though.  I still find it an endearing story that maybe she wanted to protect me.  Another interesting thing about this attack was that it happened the night before I was set to move to Seattle.  Seattle has a high concentration of divination and wiccan followers.  I had been drawn to living there as well.  Leading up to this move, I had been curious about tarot and psychic powers for some time, and  had been studying the cards, with all their symbolism. These were ancient symbols, that had many meanings in our subconscious I was told.  I never suspected these symbols could be dangerous.  I also started reading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book ‘The Mists of Avalon’, and I became very interested in the idea of ‘The Goddess’.  I decided to buy some Runes for divination as well.  I finally felt like I was in control of my own destiny. I didn’t have as much anxiety any more because I could do a reading for myself about my future. I never suspected the tarot deck wasn’t telling the truth.

The third time I was attacked was really scary,  but I didn’t see any dark entities this time.  Instead, I was attacked in my thoughts. I was living with roomates in Seattle, and I remember feeling like something sinister wanted me to cut my wrists with the kitchen knives. I recognized this attack on my thoughts, even at that time. I called on Jesus and it stopped, but I was still triggered and afraid.  I had no faith at the time, just the knowledge that the name of Jesus was powerful.  A few months later, I saw another white light entity.  The entity had flowing hair like silver wind, and I thought maybe it was a goddess of some sort.  I had no idea that demons masquerade as angels of light.  I had no idea that satan can trick us like that.  I remember thinking this vision of a light being was confirmation I was on the right path in seeking the goddess. I thought the vision came from God.

The fourth time I was attacked, was when I had just turned 30.  I was still living in Seattle, and I had just bought a new tarot deck from a metaphysical bookstore.  I had an uncomfortable feeling about the deck because it seemed to work better than any other deck that I’d had.  I felt that it had some sort of life of its own, so to speak.  A few weeks later in the middle of the night, I had another dream where I couldn’t wake up and I couldn’t breathe.   I had a harder time calling on Jesus, as I hadn’t been close to God since I was in my teens.  I finally called out “Jesus help me”, and I woke up.  This time I wasn’t choking myself,  but instead I was face down with my head in the pillow.  I was gasping for air, almost smothered.  This attack really got under my skin.  Being that I was in the new age, and didn’t go to church at the time, I called the store where I bought the tarot deck.  I asked the store owner about spiritual attacks and what she thought I should do.  She seemed really uncomfortable discussing it, but I was persistent.  She finally suggested that I cut up the deck into tiny pieces, and say the name ‘Archangel Michael’ for protection.  I was relieved to have a course of action, and I remember feeling like I was in control of the attacks for the first time.   I didn’t know of course that this was not enough to protect me, and that the attacks would get far worse when I tried to leave the new age.

A couple months later, I moved back home to my midwestern town.  Since I had taken a tarot course while living up in Seattle,  I felt ready to start a business in my hometown where I would read professionally for clients.  I read from home and at corporate events, and experienced some success.  I  had several clients and friends who were fascinated by the readings and would call me a ‘seer.’  I remember feeling like finally God had blessed me with this gift to help others.  I had learned all about charging my tarot deck with crystals, cleansing it from psychic energies by burying it or placing it outside during a full moon.  I learned about keeping it under my pillow to absorb my own energy.  I never once thought of it as some sort of portal to the spirit world, even though now I know that’s exactly what it was.  I believed the lie:  that we all are born knowing our path, and that our higher self has this wisdom.  I didn’t suspect the higher self was a lie,  and that satan loves to use these things to appear as truth.  I saw other Christian psychics or Christian tarot readers using angel decks, so I thought it was all fine.

Flash forward several years later. I had progressed in my spiritual path, and had begun calling myself a Christian witch.  I wanted to blend my belief in Jesus with the occult.  I had no idea that was not the way.  I was desperately searching for the truth about God, but felt the church did not have any answers.  They would just be mean or judgemental.  I had some unpleasant experiences at a church when I was a child where I was forced to speak in tongues, and I also had a babysitter who called me a slut for wearing a mini skirt.  So, like a lot of people do, I swore off all churches because of this.  I felt anger towards Christians, and this anger began to grow.  I was trying to heal from trauma in my childhood, and so I had been practicing  Tai Chi, and had received Reiki healing sessions, and any other energy healing I saw.  I never suspected satan would hijack this or deceive someone who was trying to find God.  I got into something called map healing, which was opening a channel to heal yourself, and you would call in different spirits for a personal energy session. I had no clue how dangerous that was. I then decided to form something called a goddess circle, which was basically a coven.  I formed the coven with some of my tarot clients.  We felt like we were doing spells to empower us.  I did spells for a couple years with these two women and one other group.  I felt like I was finally liberated and doing something mystical and fascinating.  I was also calling psychics weekly, and always asking when I would find love.  After a couple years, I felt tired of all the spells and ‘manifesting’ good things in my life.  It all started to drain me.  I decided to move out of my town to stay with my mother in the country.  This marked the beginning of my new life.  I remember the day everything changed. My 39th birthday.


I hadn’t said a real prayer that wasn’t a spell in many years. If I did, the prayer was always something I wanted and hoped God would send to me, a specific outcome. This time instead, I prayed :

God my life isn’t working. Please make me into the woman YOU wanted me to be. I’m done.”


I had asked for God’s will, instead of my own.  I had never done that before.  I had to get to that place where I acknowledged that my will wasn’t making me happy, and that God’s will was perfect.  If I truly wanted to find my identity and the truth about God, I had to ask for His help.  That changed everything, but it took a while.

A year later, I gave my life to Jesus one day (that’s a whole separate story I talk about in Chapter 29 of my blog), but even after I was born-again I experienced spiritual warfare in a different way. Satan attacks strongly when someone leaves the occult.  The attacks were against my mind and mental state, trying to get me to be hateful or angry towards my mom, trying to get me to feel crazy, and trying to lure me right back into occult practices.  I was able to recognize these thought attacks for what they were and rebuke them in Jesus’s name.  My mom was the only parent I had left, and if I drove her away I would be totally alone; Satan knew all this.  The attacks on my mind had a lot of power this time.  I was afraid I would actually lose my sanity for a bit there.  That’s when I knew I needed to find a church.  I had broken my foot two separate times, and couldn’t drive myself, so I had my mom drive me to church.  The minute I went to church and began to lift my voice in praise to Jesus…the attacks on my mind all stopped.  JUST STOPPED.

After church, I confessed all my sins of dabbling in the occult, asked forgiveness for each of them, and repented from them.  I repented of all the sins of spiritism: (tarot, energy work, reiki, witchcraft, even tai chi, yoga, and meditation).  I did rebuking prayers.  I read my Bible, and a year later I was baptized.

It took years for the anger to be healed and for the sanctification process to be complete, but that’s another blog for another day.  I had a lot to learn from the Holy Spirit, and that took time.  It’s a daily walk with Jesus now.

I’m writing this blog now because I thought I was all alone going through the demonic attacks.  A few years later, I found out that God had been pulling others out of new age deception.  I’m writing this blog to let you know that: wherever you are, you are not alone in this.  Demons are real, and there is a war for your soul.  It’s all true.  God is bringing people out of satanic deception.  Jesus cares about you and wants to help.  You only have to ask Him for help, and He will!  He has specific plan for your life!

If you want extra online support: There is an online group on facebook called Reasons for Jesus.  It’s helpful to have support when you first get out of this deception. I recommend finding a church that is safe.  There’s deception in the church as well with false prophets.  Pray the Holy Spirit will give you discernment to know, and read your Bible.  The word of God is protection.

You will go through a gradual sancification process, and hopefully no one will judge you for that.  If they do, keep praying and drawing closer to Jesus.  Walking as a disciple of Jesus isn’t about other Christians, just about following God.

There are also some youtube videos that former new-age author, Doreen Virtue has done to help those exiting the new age.  Jesus really does love you and pursued you! You are protected from attacks by the armor of God:  Ephesians 6:11:   I say it out loud every day.  You will need this armor.

When you ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life, and you acknowledge He is the son of God, you need to repent and confess your involvement in the occult. Confessing sins and repenting (turning away from sins) is part of asking forgiveness and letting the Holy Spirit indwell in you and make you a new creation in Christ.  Another piece of resisting the devil is forgiving your enemies and those who have wronged you or hurt you in your past (including childhood abuse). This takes time, and God will help you with this. All these things remove spiritual bondage and strongholds (demonic oppression), and as long as you stop sinning (drinking, drugs, fornication) the devil will flee from you. God will be sanctifying you, and like layers of an onion the Lord will show you all areas where you need to surrender to God’s will instead of your own will. This takes time. You don’t have to be perfect, just listen to the Lord and read your Bible. Finding a good church is very important in your walk with the Lord. You need to let God direct you as to which church is safe and has good theology, and this also takes time…but you need to be at church.


****I would warn against seeking out ‘Deliverance Minister’s’ to cast demons out of you. Myself and many others have had bad experiences with this, and this is very similar to new age witchcraft. If God is leading you to have someone bind the devil and pray over you, please find a good minister or visit the new age to Jesus groups online. There will be someone there willing to pray with you. You don’t need an elaborate ritual to be freed from demonic strongholds. Jesus will break those chains of the enemy, but having a pastor pray with you to bind satan is always a good thing.*****



Thank you for reading and I hope this blesses someone today!